If you are excited about a career exploring the world and visiting all the continents and countries along the sea route, a job in the merchant navy will suit you well. To become a Merchant Navy officer in India, you need to fulfill the qualification requirements. India is a peninsular country and is known for its several seaports. In this blog, we will cover all the preparation needed to become a Merchant Navy officer in India.

What Is the Role of a Merchant Navy Officer?

Becoming a merchant navy officer comes with a lot of responsibility; you have to be very attentive to your job, fulfilling all the roles diligently. You need to be cognizant of your entire crew’s well-being, guide them with safety precautions, and monitor all the life-saving equipment, such as fire extinguishers and life rafts. The officer needs to maintain all the records regarding the ship, check weather reports from time to time, and be ready to take spontaneous actions when required. In the Merchant Navy courses, students are guided to examine the entire machinery of the ship with all the equipment; they have been taught to inspect electrical and mechanical equipment onboard for smooth operation.

Types of Merchant Navy Officers

There are several types of Merchant Nacy officers, of which the two major roles are deck officer and engineering officer. Let’s know more about these two responsibilities.

  • Engineering Officer

The job role of an engineering merchant navy officer is to manage the entire machinery of the ship or cruise. The ship is known to be a city itself on the sea, and it is made up of steel and plies on the saltwater; hence, it needs an inspection from time to time and periodic maintenance. Management of all the mechanical equipment is the primary job role of the engineering officer.

  • Deck Officer

The deck merchant navy officer is another important job role on the ship or cruise. Deck officers are responsible for monitoring the ship, weather conditions, navigation, and communications, and making crucial decisions on the steering. Safe boarding and safe landing of the ship is their primary role, which includes cargo handling, delivery, and the maintenance of all life-saving equipment. They are also responsible for taking quick action in case of an emergency and disembarking passengers safely out of harm’s way.

  • Eligibility for merchant navy courses

If you love to explore the ocean and you are interested and excited about a job role that requires visiting different countries and continents, this job is perfect for you. who wants to become a merchant navy officer can either be a male or female, so gender is not a barrier. However, there are some academic requirements that you have to fulfill in order to pursue merchant navy courses.

Identify your skills and know more about them. There are some soft and hard skills that should be embedded in your personality.

Soft skills include communication skills, critical thinking, decision-making, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. Hard skills on the other hand should include academic qualifications such as mathematics, cargo handling, CRP and first aid skills, navigational skills, knot-tying skills, and knowledge of mechanical and engineering equipment. These skills are critical to your role as a merchant navy officer.


To be eligible for Merchant Navy courses, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • You have to score at least 50% in all English subjects.
  • Your marital status should be single at the time of joining.
  • You have to pass the fitness test, and you don’t have issues with hearing or vision.
  • If your graduation background is BSc, your vision should be 6/6; however, engineering students are allowed spectacles with a power of up to 2.5.
  • Before joining, you have to undergo pre-sea training for one year at the Maritime Training Institute.
  • You have to carry your INDIAN CDC (Continuous Discharge Certificate) while traveling on the cruise or ship.

What Are the Formal Training Courses for Merchant Navy

You have to enroll in formal education and training courses, for which you have to complete your 10+2 in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics with a minimum score of 60%. Your age should be between 17 and 25, following which you have to opt for a bachelor’s degree program by qualifying for the required entrance examination. After completing a bachelor’s degree, you can either opt for an entry-level job position or continue with the master’s degree program to crack higher job positions in the field.

There are several job roles available, of which two main ones are merchant cadet and merchant engineer. For both of these roles, there are different bachelor’s degree programs to pursue; you have to choose one of them according to your interests and potential.

  • If you want to apply for the cadet positions, you need to pursue your bachelor’s degree in B.SC Marine, B.SC Natural Science, or B.SC Marine Catering.
  • However, if you want to apply for engineering positions, you need to pursue your bachelor’s degree in marine engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, petroleum engineering, and other relevant programs.
  • To get admitted to these courses, you need to clear the entrance examinations, such as JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, IMU CET, and other engineering entrance exams. To apply for higher positions, there are several master’s programs available, such as M.Sc. in Maritime Science, M.Tech. in Ship Building, M.E. in Marine Engineering, and others.
  • To gain specific skillsets for this role, you can opt for specialized certification courses too. However, it is not a mandatory requirement. Your bachelor’s and master’s degrees are more than sufficient for this role.

Concluding Remarks!

Pursuing Merchant Navy courses opens doors to a lot of relevant opportunities, and the salaries for officers are highly attractive. Lately, trends have changed; students are trained on the ship rather than their classroom training. Merchant Navy courses are available at Training Ship Varren, powered by the Wareen Maritime Academy Foundation. The highly trained officers take responsibility for guiding and shaping your future in the merchant navy. The students receive world-class training programs, including essential skills that can be required on board ship training. Explore Merchant Navy courses on the website and start your maritime career.

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