Message for Students


Dear Students

Welcome to the promising world of the Maritime Sector! We are really happy that you have chosen or are considering Training Ship Varren as one of your top choices in the field of Maritime education and training. Our commitment at TS Varren is to provide a safe, secure and intellectually challenging environment to our students where they are empowered with skills needed for a career in Merchant Navy. We prepare students not only for success in the shipping sector but in life itself. We work towards helping students become independent professionals, inventive thinkers, resourceful problem solvers and inspirational leaders prepared to thrive in maritime industry and the professional world.

We offer an extensive curriculum and a variety of opportunities to all our students to achieve excellence in academic as well professional endeavors. We value practical learning and innovative teaching to engage and empower students.

We have high standards and expectations for our students to perform well academically as well as physically. TS Varren encourages co-curricular participation and responsible citizenship among students. It is with pride that we hold these high standards. All our teachers and students are committed to maintaining these high standards of achievement and contribution.

Our students graduate from Traning Ship Varren endowed with the skills, values and qualities that will best equip them for success in the maritime world. They are the future leaders and sailors that are committed to serve the maritime sector.

Vikesh Upadhyay

Founder | Training Ship Varren