Training Ship Varren is proud to be one of the pioneers in the field of maritime training and education in India. We are powered and supported by Varren Maritime Academy Foundation.

Training Ship Varren, popularly known as TS Varren, has been working diligently to provide the best to its students in terms of training, facilities, and infrastructure; giving them an opportunity to explore their potential and emerge into successful sailors that the academy can be proud of.

At TS Varren a team of highly trained and well-experienced experts in the maritime field takes reins of the students training and preparation. The emphasis is on giving students hands-on training that is practical and life-like. The curriculum is prepared with great care and much thought. We believe that we are creating the future of this country’s maritime sector and take this responsibility very seriously.

We have been successfully carrying out the responsibility of imparting world class training and hope to continue on this path for years to come, adding new success stories to our name each day, month and year.

Training Ship Varren