Refund Policy:

Please note that the admission registration fee or payment made by the student is non-refundable. Once the fee is submitted, it cannot be refunded under any circumstances. We kindly request all applicants to carefully consider their decision before making the payment to avoid any inconvenience. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the refund policy, please contact our admissions office for further clarification.

Cancellation Policy:

The Training Ship Varren reserves the right to cancel the registration form at any time if any deficiency is found in the submitted documents or certificates provided by the student. The academy holds full authority to assess the authenticity and accuracy of the documents, and if any discrepancies or irregularities are discovered, the registration may be canceled. In such cases, the academy will notify the student about the cancellation and provide relevant details. It is essential for students to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of their submitted documents to avoid any cancellation of their registration. For further information or clarification, please contact our admissions office.