Under the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification, and Watch keeping for Seafarers (STCW), seafarers are mandated to receive both “familiarization training” and “basic safety training,” which includes elementary first aid, personal survival techniques, basic fire fighting, and personal safety and social responsibility. The aim of this training is to equip seafarers with the necessary knowledge and skills to recognize potential hazards and respond effectively to emergencies while working on board a vessel.

18 Plus min

Age Limit

Above 18 years.

Duration Min


Duration 11 Days | Intake 24

Medical Report

Medical Standards

Must be Medically Fit

According to STCW, The STCW 95 Code requires that you take this 5-day course of instruction. This course has to be renewed every 5 years, The components generally includes:

  • Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (Basic Fire fighting) course of 3 days
  • Personal Survival Techniques (PST) course of 2.5 days
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (PSSR) course of 3 days and,
  • Elementary First Aid course of 2.5 days

Basic Safety Training or BST is the starting point for persons seeking employment in the maritime industry.

Your Gateway to Basic Safety Training and Certifications

Safety is paramount in the maritime industry, where the vastness of the ocean meets the unpredictability of the elements. Our Basic Safety Training program is your compass, guiding you towards a comprehensive understanding of essential safety practices and protocols. By participating in this basic safety training, you’ll gain the confidence and competence to ensure the well-being of yourself, your crew, and your vessel.

Imagine standing on the deck, wind in your hair, as you steer your ship towards success. But the journey is not without its risks. That’s why our experienced instructors, all experts in maritime safety, have curated a PSSR course that combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on exercises. Through immersive simulations and real-life scenarios, you’ll develop the skills necessary to tackle emergencies, employ effective techniques, and fulfil your personal safety and social responsibilities at nominal STCW course fees.

Basic Firefighting: 

Our Basic Firefighting course combines classroom instruction with hands-on field training to ensure that participants are well-prepared to handle fire-related incidents at sea. Along with fundamental fire safety training, students will learn how to identify, prevent, and detect fires. Additionally, our instructors will walk you through search and rescue (SAR) methods and confidently mentor you on how to move through dark and smoke-filled settings.

Personal Survival Techniques:

Survival skills are paramount when working in the maritime industry, and our Personal Survival Techniques course equips you with the necessary knowledge and abilities to overcome common emergencies at sea. From locating supplies and emergency craft to operating life-saving equipment, you will learn crucial techniques from our basic safety training

that can make a difference in life-threatening situations. Furthermore, our comprehensive training covers procedures for abandoning ship, ensuring you are prepared for the unexpected.

Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities:

At Training Ship Varren, we recognize the value of upholding a secure workplace and developing a positive work environment. Our Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities module (PSSR course) offers classroom instruction and an assessment to gauge your comprehension of significant subjects. Relationships at work, developing secure workplaces, self-care, and other subjects are explored. By completing this course, you will get the awareness and knowledge required to contribute to a secure and peaceful maritime working environment.

Elementary First Aid:

Medical emergencies can arise anytime, and being equipped with basic first aid skills is essential in the maritime industry. Our Elementary First Aid course focuses on medical techniques and CPR specifically tailored for maritime situations. Our experienced instructors of basic safety training & fire fighting courses will guide you through the fundamentals of medical first aid, ensuring you are prepared to handle emergencies effectively and provide immediate assistance when needed.

Here’s how Training Ship Varren can assist you:

STCW Basic Training:

  • We offer the complete STCW Basic Safety Training program, which covers Personal Survival Techniques, Fire Prevention and Firefighting, Elementary First Aid, and Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities.

  • Our expert instructors deliver comprehensive classroom instruction and practical exercises to ensure a thorough understanding of the essential components of Basic Safety Training.

  • Upon successful completion, you will receive a certification of basic safety training and a PSSR course that meets the requirements for employment in the maritime industry.

Basic Training Revalidation:

  • When your Basic Training certification nears expiration, Training Ship Varren provides the required Basic Training Revalidation course to renew your certification.

  • Our revalidation course includes refresher training on all the components of Basic Safety Training, ensuring you stay updated with the latest regulations and best practices.

  • By successfully completing the revalidation course, you can extend the validity of your Basic Safety Training certification for another five years.

Basic Training Refresher:

  • If you possess a valid Basic Training certification but have been away from active maritime employment, our Basic Training Refresher course is designed to refresh your knowledge and skills.

  • The refresher course offered at Training Ship Varren focuses on key concepts, practical exercises, and any regulatory updates since your initial training.

  • By completing the Basic Training Refresher, you can maintain the validity of your Basic Training certification for another five years, ensuring your competence and compliance.

Choose TS Varren and Get: 

  • Comprehensive Training Programs: At Training Ship Varren, you can access a wide range of comprehensive training programs covering various aspects of maritime safety, security, and professional development.

  • Experienced Instructors: Our team of instructors for fire fighting course

Consists of highly experienced maritime professionals who bring their extensive knowledge and practical expertise to the training sessions, ensuring a valuable and insightful learning experience in our PSSR course.

  • Advance Facilities: Benefit from our state-of-the-art training facilities equipped with the latest technology and equipment, providing a realistic and immersive learning environment at the best possible STCW course fees.

  • Industry Compliance: Training Ship Varren strictly adheres to industry standards and regulations, ensuring that our fire safety training & other training programs meet the requirements set by international maritime organizations and regulatory bodies.

  • Personalized Approach: We recognize that each participant has unique learning needs, and our training programs are designed to accommodate various learning styles and levels of experience, providing personalized attention and support.

  • Networking and Collaboration: Join our maritime community and interact with like-minded professionals, fostering valuable connections and collaboration opportunities for future career growth.


  1. Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in the training programs?

    Prerequisites vary depending on the specific course. Some programs may have certain eligibility criteria or require prior experience or certifications. Detailed prerequisites are mentioned in the course descriptions, and our team can assist you in determining your eligibility.

  1. What happens after I complete a training program?

    Upon completing a training program, you will receive a certification that verifies your accomplishment. This certification can enhance your professional profile and open doors to new career opportunities in the maritime industry.

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